Episode Seven, the Season One finale of Developing Philly, “The Shape of Things to Come”, looks to the future of the Philly tech community. Here’s some extra info…

  • The footage of Mayor Nutter is taken from a speech he gave announcing this initiative.
  • You may have noticed the rather interesting title Jeff Friedman has. He works for the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics.
  • Here are some of Google’s student programs.
  • Here’s a genealogy of all the companies that spun out of Fairchild Semiconductor, which traces its own roots back to…wait for it…Bell Labs.
  • Here’s a little background on TurnTide.
  • And here’s Monetate.
  • And this is Weathervane Music.
  • And here’s Boomi.
  • This is the post in which RJMetrics Founder Robert J. Moore explains why the company stayed in Philly.
  • RJMetrics has since grown considerably and still intends to stay.
  • By the way, that’s Developing Philly featured interviewee Elliot Menschick in the foreground of the shot of the mayor. The dude with his back to us w/ the kick-ass front row seat to the mayor’s speech.
  • So, funny story, we weren’t even planning on filming the mayor’s speech that day. That morning, we interviewed Ben Franklin Technology Partners CEO RoseAnn B. Rosenthal, who mentioned to us, “Hey, there’s this really cool speech I’m going to after this interview. You should go.” (not a direct quote). So we went, and boy are we glad we did. This, by the way, explains why she’s the only one wearing the same thing at the speech as she is in her interview, which we’re sure was a continuity thing that was keeping you up at night.
  • By the way, you remember at the start of Episode Five where the Mayor visits Indy Hall? That came directly after this speech, which was followed by a tour of all the Old City tech hubs, including Indy Hall, for all of the attendees. Which explains why the Mayor is wearing the same clothes in that scene. You’re welcome.
  • And this is the map that will take us into Season Two.

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