Developing Philly is a web series about the rise of the Philadelphia innovation community. 

It began in the 90’s, with venture capital flooding the Delaware Valley and tech businesses cresting before the inevitable crash. It began in the 40’s, with ENIAC drawing attention to the computational talent latent in a city not known for being at the leading edge of technology, before poor business decisions and the cold war put those dreams to rest. It began in the 1770’s, with the first open source pioneer, Ben Franklin creating devices and giving away the recipes.

It’s begun again over the past five years, with a sharp rise in coworking, entrepreneurialsm, hacking, coding, building, bonding, collaborating, organizing, and just creating amazing things. Philadelphia is rediscovering itself as a place where innovation can happen, and the community driving that change is ready to tell their story.

Check out new episodes every week starting Friday, April 26th.

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    I’m the innovations writer for Flying Kite. I would love to do a 250-300 word news item on this project. Please get in touch as soon as possible to be included in our next issue. Interviews take just 10 to 15 minutes over the phone.


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